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Fast Physics

Is Space-Time Galilean or Minkowski?

Special relativity yields a geometrical interdependence of space and time. Is this relationship real or illusory?

Is Space Curved?

General relativity predicts that measurements in gravitational fields do not conform to Euclidean geometry. Is this a property of space itself or a property of measurement?

What is Spin?

Elementary particles are classified by their 'spin'. How is spin different from ordinary angular momentum? What is the classical explanation for spin 1/2?

Mirror Symmetry

Modern physics interprets weak interactions as violating mirror symmetry (maximal parity violation). This interpretation is based on incorrect theoretical assumptions rather than physical evidence.

Quantum Questions

Some questionable aspects of the development and interpretation of quantum mechanics.

How Well Do Physicists Understand the Universe?

Some quotes from past and present physicists.


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